My plan for this blog is to share various experiences in my life. Such as, the first I want to blog my experiences as I work through each of the saved videos I have “saved” on Facebook for later reference. I see these videos and I want to try whatever it is in that video, but I never seem to go back to them. So I will blog about them; work my way through each one. The blog I want to do after that one, is a similar one but with my Pinterest boards.

A blog I want to pursue it one for women. Men are allowed to read it as well, but it will be for women to laugh, sigh, embrace, cry, whatever emotional state that each of the blogs bring out… what this blog will be about, beyond what I have  already said, is a surprise for another time. 🙂

A blog that I am going to put an entry in every so often (sometimes more often, sometimes not so much) is one that I will start after pressing save on this entry.

I have numerous ideas for blogs. Tons of life experiences that I can share in hopes to learn more from or for others to learn from. A way for all of us to connect on one level or another. Some will be short. Some will be long. I never know “who” I will be (my mindset) at the time I am writing. I feel if I do not write in whatever frame-of-mind I am in at that time, I will loose very REAL blog emotions and points that can reach to others on a level that I would not be able to do so in some other frame-of-mind.

With that being said… cheers to my future readers. Thank you for starting this journey, new path in life, goal-fulfilling awesomeness with me!