Daily Prompt: Elicitvia

He saw her slowly walking toward him, dressed all in white, big bouquet of bright flowers, green ivy and whispy babys breath tumbling down from her hands. Her gown swished around her legs, her hair down all in curls piled on her head and held with a sparkly crown of silver. A veil covered her face, but he knew the beauty that hid underneath.

With each step she took, the closer she got and the harder it was for him to breath. He thought that his heart might burst. He could  or fathom how another person could elicit such emotion from him. He had know for sometime that he was maddeningly in love with this woman. He had been slow to ask for her hand, out of fear that she would refuse and his world would crash. When he finally did ask, he held his breath while waiting on her answer. She did not make him wait long. Scarcely a moment had passed between the words leaving his lips and her jumping into his arms, smiling bright and repeating “yes, yes, yes.”

Now here they were… on their wedding day. She was reaching her hand out to him now and he could see her eyes shining brightly under that veil. She stepped beside him, entwined her fingers with his and whispered “ready?” Hearing her voice, he burst into a smile, whispering back “more than you could ever imagine.”

They turned to the preacher and the ceremony began… he thought, dreams DO come true and love is real.

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