I remember my Christmas Spirit in my younger years as being never-ending. All the magic of the season: snow, decorations, Christmas music, family dinners, giving and receiving presents, Santa Claus, school parties, time off school… so many memories. 

Now as an adult, I desperately cling to the Christmas Spirit. I put a smile on my face and do what I can to give the Christmas magic to my children. But it can be so hard when life throws so much at you at once. Coordinating family gatherings, buying meaningful presents, making sure there is always time to watch Christmas movies and do special Christmas time activities.

It is only December 5th and already my Christmas Spirit is suffering some blows. One of my children is having an out-patient surgery on the 22nd. I have had to schedule two pre-op appointments in the next couple weeks for this surgery. I have no idea what day to coordinate my side of the family gathering and I do not have the money to provide the same type of gathering as I did last year for them. I’m not sure when my spouse’s side of the family is getting together, either.

Then cram in the regular daily life stuff still going on; winter guard practices, basketball practices and games, marching band booster meetings, work schedules, household tasks, laundry… you get the idea. Tack on some terribly nasty bacterial sinus infection, some flu here, strep throat there… what a way to start the holiday season. 

Despite trying so very hard to keep up with it all, I keep myself losing that happy holiday feeling. Add in my expectations of what I want to accomplish in my life: organizing the house, simplifying, just having 39 minutes or so to pen a blog! UGH!

My frustration level is so high right now. So, I have to stop this annoying, self-pitying whining and hold fast to the Christmas Spirit!!!

I am going to remember that it could always be worse and that I am truly blessed. Because, when it’s all said and done, I am. 

On that positive note, “God bless us everyone.” (You got it, Tiny Tim.)

Keep your Christmas Spirit alive today and everyday! Merry Christmas!