Aaaah… it’s the day to make New Year’s resolutions. Generally, I am in the boat with those who roll their eyes at setting such resolutions, just because it’s a new year. But this year, I have decided it is for my best benefit to force myself to set, stick with and fulfill them. 

BUT FIRST, let me make a slight correction to the mindset of what I am doing. I am not making resolutions, but  rather goals. Look at the definition of a resolution: “the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter” and “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” Now look at the definition of a goal: “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.” (Definitions courtesy of Google.)

Reading these definitions made me wonder if this could be why resolutions do not stick around for long. When making a resolution, a “firm decision” is made or a “matter” is to be solved. Okay. Cool. 

But when making a goal, well that’s another ballgame! Not only has a firm decision to solve a matter been made, but it is being backed with “ambition or effort!” SWEET!

Changing the mindset of what I am aiming to do for myself, can change how I push myself to continue forward with it on a long-term basis. It’s the same concept as filling your head with positive thoughts. You can tell yourself you have a New Years Resolution or you can tell yourself you have a 2017 Goal. One even sounds short-term compared to the other. So now that I have tricked my brain to thinking long-term, positive goals, I can take the next preparative step: what the goals are.

You may ask, why bother? Well, because there are a few serious changes that I need to make for myself. Changes that, for my own betterment, need to become habits. That being said, how do you make something  a habit?  Practice. How do you make sure you are practicing something often enough to make it a habit? Dedication. Dedication takes effort, time and attention. (There is that “ambition or effort” from the goal definition, again.)

With these things in mind, I am setting myself some serious 2017 goals. I have written them down already and am announcing them in this blog to help solidify them to myself. (I am not going to explain why any goal is on my list. I know why it’s there. 😊)

My 2017 Goals

  • Be in my best shape (mentally and physically) by 40 years of age.
  • Write something EVERYDAY.
  • Draw (or such) at least 1x weekly.
  • Figure out the world of cooking on a budget.
  • Simplify, minimilaze (clear out the excess.)
  • Save $ (using such things as the 52 week challenge, the 1 year challenge.)

These are my current major goals. I have other mini-wishlist items that I want to accomplish, too. But these are the things that I have to make habits! They may not seem that major to you, but that is why it is my goal list. Lol Your goals will be what is needed for you.

What will your 2017 Goals be? If you want to share your list, feel free to put it in the comments!

Happy New Year!!! Love, light and blessings.