Standing at the register chatting with the salesman, a mirror over his shoulder changing my casual glance to a shocking realization.

Who is that person?!

There’s familiarity in the reflection, but yet… so different…

The deepening crease lines on the forehead and between the eyes,

The slight droop at the corners of the smile,

The silvery slivers of hair peeking through darker strands,

The slump in the shoulders speaking volumes of the daily weight of the past and the present,

The laugh lines around the eyes and a dulling to the once brightness of their color…

But the depth in the eyes tell so much more than their immediate features; a mysteriously sad, yet blessed, story lies in them.

As I am raising my hand and touching the edge of one of my eyes, I see the somewhat familiar reflection doing the same.

The hand’s appearance telling as much as the eyes; the intimacy between them so entwined.

Those hands wiping tears shed by the eyes, yet pushing forward giving focus and strength.

The shocking glance over the shoulder of a stranger; bringing the reality of time.

But despite the physical reality of time, I know that the reflection is still internally strong.

As I am smiling at this familiar stranger and she is smiling back, I know her heart is full, her mind is solid and her life is still progressing toward her dreams.

I know that no matter what time is bringing or doing to her outer self, she is continuing to find a way to fly!


(Rough draft 8/8/16; improved 1/2/16)