I live in an old house. My laundry room is basically a lean-to off the kitchen and  three steps down. The windows in this house are huge and there is one directly behind my washer and dryer. On the outside of this window is the heater pump/ac unit.

When I am sorting and loading the washer and dryer, it is impossible for me not to look out the window. From the angle I am standing at, it feels like I’m standing outside and looking right up into the sky.

It is snowing here today. Those big,  beautiful, fluffy looking snowflakes. As I was loading the washer today, and looking out the window as I was prepping it, the heat pump kicked on and all the snowflakes that were above the heat pump fan went flying wildly high and spinning. It was just mesmerizing and made me giggle. 

Then I got caught up in thinking how much my Husky would love this snow if he was still with us. I was imagining him when he was a puppy jumping around, trying to eat those big,fluffy snowflakes as they fell on him.

I was completely caught up in the dancing snowflakes and nostalgic thoughts of my four-legged fur baby, that I put laundry detergent in the softener spot. Well, there’s  no way to drain it out. Not one that wouldn’t cause me to have to unload the washer and run a cycle, so I added detergent in the spot and added softener to the detergent-filled softener spot. I put the washer on for an extra rinse cycle, so hopefully I won’t walk into a crazy mess of suds everywhere or rinsed clothes, ready for the dryer, but with bubbles popping on them! I just had to laugh at myself.

We shall see… I can hear the washer spinning now.


Here’s a snapshot of the window. I tried to angle the neighbors house out of it. Lol 

P.S. When I was a kid, I filled the kitchen with bubbles from the dishwasher. True story, but maybe for another day.