I’m finding a lot of things I wrote during the year of 2015. Most of them sound so tortured with confusion and brokenness. I wrote this poem on 3/6/15:

“Lost and Broken

My love, I feel an ocean has swollen between us.

You are only inches away from me, yet it feels like we are worlds apart.

Are you distancing yourself? Or is it my doing that is our undoing?

Are you through with me? Or is it my own scars that have pushed at you?

I feel so overcome with heartache; heartbreak.

I feel so torn with sadness and anger.

I want to hold you and scream at the same time!

I do not understand why this is happening… loss of love? stress? daily life?

Or is it age? time? resentment… WHAT?!

Am I no longer your everything? Was I ever? I am plagued with questions!

Is this fixable? Are we strong enough to reverse, pursue and persevere?

Oh love, my love… am I losing you? Have I lost you? Or have I lost myself…?”


Photo from google search and this link: https://quotesgram.com/img/lost-myself-quotes/4158240/