Written at a time when I was fighting myself as to what I knew in my heart I should do and what I knew was comfortable; not risky.  I knew I had to make a choice because I could feel myself dying inside.  But it is always hard to give up the way you had been living for nearly 20 years and step onto a new path.  Courage does not always come easy when you have so many responsibilities in your life.  With these thoughts rolling around in my head, as I was driving the same road I was always going, heading one way or the other one, this poem was born: (as is typical of my writings, this in rough form)

“The thought hit me on the endless blacktop… it was all a dream.                      A silly childish dream.                                 My heart broke; tears streamed for that little dream.                                                   What was my life now?                         Without my dream to reach for?

Driving to and from, a tiresome repetitive  existance.                                                             I knew I had one of two choices.                   I was nearing the bridge.                         How many times have I thought about yanking the wheel, crashing through the barrier, plummeting down – choice one.

Oh, but that would be the absolute end of my dream…                                                          I did not want to give up on the dream; on myself!

Or choice two – stop the monotony!  Make a change!                                     Resurrect that fire! Fulfill it!                  Cross the line into the unknown.         Take the chance and breathe life back into my soul!

It all comes down to this bridge.                  I see it… closer and closer.                             I have to make this decision now; today.  It cannot wait any longer.                               I cannot wait any longer!                                                     Cross to new beginnings?                                   Plummet to the end?

3, 2, 1… onto the bridge now.                         I see the other side of the bridge,                 I see the tiny treetops below…                       I only have to cross.”

Photo from: (http://www.omniproservices.com/bridge-and-heavy-highway-projects.html)