I typically steer clear of politics or government talk in everything that I write or post. I feel like I have an opinion, but I don’t always feel it’s necessary for me to state my opinion. Often I withhold stating my opinion because I am uncertain of the information that I have. Is that accurate? Was it from a reliable source? If it’s not, then I have no grounds to defend my opinion and I may possibly have swayed someone else’s opinion with an accurate information. That last statement might seem trivial, but it really isn’t. I would feel a level of responsibility for making an inaccurate statement that could affect another persons stance an issue; concern: subject.

Several times I will see posts on Facebook  giving information that the person has gotten from some source. Now, typically in the comments, someone will say that the information stated was inaccurate. Or someone will make a comment to poster to know the truth and facts before stating it on Facebook, swaying others opinions with postentially inaccurate information. I have noticed from that point, all hell breaks loose and the comments can become very mean, from either side.

My issue, and in my opinion what most people probably have a concern with, is that a lot of the information that we receive are not true facts. (when I say “we”I mean the American people, our nation). We all want to have accurate information given to us so that we can make true statements and opinions of our own. So that if we see a true need or an absolute change that we feel is needed, we can make a stand on that issue. If the information we are receiving is not accurate, not true, how are we supposed to make a change that is going to be effective? And how much time and energy did we waste on something falsely represented?

Searching for truly accurate facts is hard because most of the information being given to us is from a biased source. Whether it is a physical (newspaper, magazine) or electronic source (online).

My question is: are there any reputable, unbiased, accurate fact giving sources? My dear reader, if you are aware of any good information-providing sources, please state them in a comment below. I would love for everyone to have the ability to go to an unbiased and accurate source so they can make truly knowledgeable opinions.

Photo source: https://www.goldsonspine.com/car-accident-facts-you-really-should-know/