When life gets so redundant, and time slips through your fingers as fast as tiny grains of sand, when you think you know everything there is about this life… that’s when you need to remember all you knew as a child. 

Children have that innocence that allows them to see things in a way that, once they are adults, they typically lose. But you don’t have to lose that enlightenment that brings so much meaning to all the small things in the every day.

When the world is heavy on your shoulders, your back is aching, your heart is hurting, your feet are sore, your eyes are lacking their sparkle and all you want to do is rest… then give yourself that rest.

Sit somewhere where you can see nature. Then really open your mind, really open your eyes and look at all that is around. All the things that we take for granted or rush by in our busy lives. Ground yourself in the magic that is in this world. The mystery that at any age is always able to be seen. Don’t take that from yourself. Don’t lose that inner peace; that inner child. Just breathe in the beauty and magic and mystery that is all around you.

Once you calm that inner turmoil and open your eyes to the small things that zip by each day, you’ll feel so much peace and the spark, your inner fire and desire,  can come back to your life; your spirit; your soul. You don’t need to rush through this life! You can enjoy it in all it’s amazing, blessed, peaceful, awe-inspiring, crazy beauty!

Photo source: http://www.londoncollegeofspirituality.co.uk/single-post/2017/01/07/Breathe