Some days even simple, non-important things get to be too overwhelming. On those days there are two choices: pull myself up and out of the funk mood or wallow in it. 

You would think that I would be encouraging and say that I chose to pull myself out of it, but not today. 

Although I’ve been productive for most of this day, and am currently waiting for stain to dry (literally), the funk mood caught me anyway. With the lull in productivity, I found myself lost in my head. Looking over my mental to-do list and being too harsh on myself for what I have and haven’t gotten done or worked on.

To add even more funk to my thoughts, earlier today I noticed things that I had already accomplished in the past year, needing fixed. (I.e. Chipping paint on windowsills and trim work…) things that I had spent time on already and need to go back and re-do so soon. *sigh* I’m thinking this time, I’ll put a coat of polyurethane over the paint. Maybe that will help deter the scratches and chipping longer. 

But, even though I have noticed little things like this before, for whatever reason when I noticed it this time, I nearly burst into tears. It’s a never ending two-steps forward, one-step back scenario. 

And so explains why I’m just going to sit here and wallow in this funk mood while waiting for the stain to dry…

(It doesn’t help that only half the room has one coat of stain on it… *sigh*) 😒 

Here’s to a brighter mood tomorrow.