I have seen the video on Facebook with the two boys learning a different lesson from the same example being set by their father. 

It really does come down to perspective. You can live with a situation all around you and yet not become part if it. You can learn from others and their doings. You  can choose to be something different from what is surrounding you. You are  or destined to do exactly as those around you.

Take a stand for you and your future. You do not need to shout this decision from the highest hilltop. Lord knows there will be plenty of people who will laugh, belittle or try to make you doubt yourself, if you voice your strength and decision to be different from them. But, you can just mentally encourage yourself until the opportunity to be away from the situation. 

Just remember, it all starts with choosing your perspective. 

(Photo courtesy of: google search http://quotesgram.com/quotes-about-choosing-your-own-path/)