One day recently, I noticed the same statement running through my head “pooh on a shoe.” It was a rough, emotional day and I assume that is why that nasty little rhymn kept repeating in my head ALL DAY LONG.

I was getting sick of singing “pooh on a shoe” to myself, so I thought maybe if I wrote it down it would go away. So I jotted the statement down and without much thought, other words followed. 

I saw where this little rhyming ditty was headed and I was not in a good place to be in such a dark place… so I never finished it. 

Do You Ever

Do you ever feel like pooh, like the stuff stuck to to bottom of a shoe?

Do you ever want to crawl in a hole, turn from the light and just let go?

Do you ever cry tears so hot, but you know your cold inside and full of rot?

Do you ever look around, seeing faces but hearing no sound?

Do you ever play the happy game, while inside you know you are lame?

Do you ever reach out for help,  but instead feel the sting of the belt?

That’s where I stopped and walked away. Better left in rough form, unfinished. Not the path I need to be ruminating over.